Monday, 25 March 2013

Salted Easter eggs

It's been a busy month for Mathilda and her little brother. They were looking for spring, preparing for St. Patrick's Day parade, they went to the parade and the funfair where they met Leopold, they even grew cress. Now they are preparing some Easter decorations. Do you celebrate Easter?

Mum came up with the idea to make paper egg shapes painted with watercolours and... salted. Do you like painting with watercolours? If yes, you will like this idea. Have a look how it went:

"Mattie, we are going to paint and salt the egg shapes", mum said after cutting out the shapes out of card.

"Are we going to eat them?!" the girl asked suspiciously.

"No, they are for decoration", mum smiled. "The salt will create beautiful shapes in the paint. Do you want to try?"

"Yes. Can Hugo try as well?" the concerned sister asked.

"I suppose he can. We will only skip the salt part. He is too small for that, but he can do some splashes with the coloured water. He loves the messy part" mum said. "So do you", she added after a while, "only I seem to be a bit eccentric in this matter."

You will need (egg shape template below):

Mattie decided to give some of her eggs to her cousins. What will you do with yours?


  1. Super idea!lovely pictures.I am gonna try it with my unpatient star wars fan:-)